Nutrition and Homeopathy

Keep going and it will make sense when you get there

We should never stop working on our health!

Our body is just like a car and in the same manner, we should do an annual MOT – functional blood tests, HTMA, Gut tests, OAT; regular internal and external cleaning – detoxing; repairs when needed. We should change the filters, the oil, add liquid for the radiator and the wiper blades. And most of all – add QUALITY fuel, so the engine can work seamlessly.

The thing is though, our body is not the brand new, shiny car you always wanted, and it probably doesn’t have all the perks you want it to have – it’s not in perfect shape, it might not be the right colour, it might not have the perfect specifications /genes.

We should look at it more like a second hand car, that someone has passed onto us ..but with POTENTIAL!

You might have very good odds if the pervious custodians have looked after it well – your parents gave you a good, nourishing childhood; you have been spared some early life trauma and you’re blessed with an easy-going temper with lots of friends and support.


you might be one of the unfortunate ones who was diagnosed with a chronic condition at the age of 6; your father might have died at the age of 7 and your family had fallen apart. Your ACE score is through the roof, your feelings blurred and numb from trauma, and life keeps giving you lemons….

Do you scrap this car and hope to get a new one?

..or … you keep working on it, put one foot in front of the other, take one day after the next…

“When you are in the darkest depths of hell,
when you are at your saddest, broken down,
from the burning coals of grief

forge yourself a ladder and break free…”*

Whatever your chances are, YOU CAN IMPROVE on them!

Keep searching, keep trying and ask for HELP, if you cannot find your way.




*To yourself, by Damyan Damyanov

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