Nutrition and Homeopathy

Why Salt?

If, as a nutritionist and a holistic practitioner, I would give one piece of advice that will be universally beneficial, this is it – change your salt!

Everyone has heard of vitamins, some might know of Calcium, Zinc, and Magnesium, but in general, minerals and their exceptional importance for human health are mostly ignored. The fact is they participate in hundreds of chemical reactions that take place in your body every second to keep you alive and functioning. And when they are depleted or out of balance with each other for a long time, a disease creeps in. Most of these mineral deficiencies or imbalances go undetected for ages because the human body is unique and does wonders to maintain the intricate balance of the blood, and we routinely test
the blood only.

And yet, what does blood have to do with sea salt?

Seawater is isotonic with similar amounts and ratios of minerals as found in the blood. By consuming unrefined sea salt you are getting exactly what you need – a whole plethora of vitally important and extremely valuable minerals.

There is a saying ”Salt is the taste of life” and I think they actually mean that salt
fills us with minerals that give us energy and spark our taste FOR life.

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