Nutrition and Homeopathy

Holistic approach

Over the years, I often think about the reasons why people are so insistent on knowing their diagnosis rather than what is the reason that led them to it.


Was it a TRAUMA? 

or stifled and suppressed FEELING?

 or a poor choice of LIFESTYLE? 

or a medical MISTAKE (these are more common than you imagine)


Each body manifests symptoms in a different way, in the same manner as we express ourselves in a different way – ART, MUSIC, WORDS, RELIGION …


Having a headache for some means, their HORMONES are not balanced, for others could mean their VISION is compromised or you might have just forgotten to HYDRATE…


The label “HEADACHE” is not as important as the REASONS behind it. Find the reason, and you have completed half of the challenge.


SYMPTOMS are a blessing for the HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER because they are the LANGUAGE the body uses to tell us what is wrong with it. They should not be suppressed (MEDICATED) and ignored because you are muting the ONLY voice the body has.


Instead, we should LISTEN, INVESTIGATE, and find a HOLISTIC way to help before your body finds a stronger voice to tell you about its struggles.


Finding the trail of clues the body leaves in its decline could lead us back to health. 

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