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Health is a state of mind, body and soul as one whole, and natural healing through food, food derived supplements and nature derived remedies is the way to go long term.

I believe your HEALTH is not only your genes, your HEALTH is not only the diagnosis you have been given, your HEALTH is not only the way you were brought up. Your health is also in your SOUL, in your innate BEING and, in your ENERGY, and the way you accept and embrace all that.

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Member of the Practitioner Team at New School of Nutritional Medicine.

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About Veneta

I’m Veneta and I’m a qualified nutritionist and homeopath.

I have always known that food is the key to one’s health and have spent hours and hours
diving into the works of renowned nutritionists. The height of the pandemic pushed me to
follow my passion and after intense training in Nutrition, Homeopathy and
Homeobotanical therapy I am finally in a position to guide you and hold your hand whilst you
are taking charge of your own health. Member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and Homeopathy International.

I have been on a healing journey myself for the past 25 years and I still walk the path to
health every day, relying on a single pill to keep the intricate balance of my body. It all began
when my kidneys failed at the age of 22. I went through 3 years of hemodialysis and have
lived with a kidney transplant for 20+ years. Through food and other holistic practices, I have
a clean bill of health.

My professional and educational background is in business management and
administration (which suits my mineral constitution very well!). However, in my heart of
hearts, I’ve always craved to be of service to people and aid their wellbeing.

I work with a wide range of ailments such as stress, anxiety, insulin resistance, diabetes,
weight control, and auto-immune conditions though my passion is kidneys and kidney

My mission is to remind you how to eat, sleep and reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom
to regain your health, encouraging your critical thinking and autonomy over your body, mind
and soul through natural healing and taking responsibility for your own health.

Blog Posts

Keep going and it will make sense when you get there

Keep going and it will make sense when you get there

We should never stop working on our health! Our body is just like a car and in the same manner, we should do an annual MOT – functional blood tests, HTMA, Gut tests, OAT; regular internal and external cleaning – detoxing; repairs when needed. We should change the filters, the oil, add liquid for the …

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Why Salt?

Why Salt?

If, as a nutritionist and a holistic practitioner, I would give one piece of advice that will be universally beneficial, this is it – change your salt! Everyone has heard of vitamins, some might know of Calcium, Zinc, and Magnesium, but in general, minerals and their exceptional importance for human health are mostly ignored. The …

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Holistic approach

Holistic approach

Over the years, I often think about the reasons why people are so insistent on knowing their diagnosis rather than what is the reason that led them to it.   Was it a TRAUMA?  or stifled and suppressed FEELING?  or a poor choice of LIFESTYLE?  or a medical MISTAKE (these are more common than you …

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