Nutrition and Homeopathy

APRIL – My Kidney Month

I consider myself a kidney expert by personal experience – diagnosed with a chronic kidney condition at the age of 6; started hemodialysis at 23; had a kidney transplant at 26.

Healthy transplant for the last 21 years with 1 single immunosuppressive medication and lots of healthy food, supplements, and homeopathy.

I chose April to share my kidney wisdom because it’s my favourite month and coincides with my birth month.

1st of April – World Hug Day

Day 1 – Hugs and how they affect our kidneys

Hugs prevent and/or diminish the ill effects of high blood pressure!

When we hug our bodies release “feel good” hormones. These hormones include oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. Dopamine, in particular, has an important physiologic role in the kidney, regulating net salt and water excretion, and intrarenal activation of dopaminergic pathways serves to prevent or mitigate the development and consequences of hypertension* (high blood pressure).


2nd of April – Evaluate any symptoms

Day 2 – What are the most common symptoms of kidney

👉 Frequent urination

👉 Nocturia

👉 Change in urine qualities – smell, colour, quantity

👉 Protein, blood, or sediment in the urine

👉 High Blood Pressure

👉 Oedema

👉 Renal colic

👉 Backache

👉 Unexplained anemia – if your kidney function is not optimal, the synthesis of erythropoietin hormone could be dysregulated which will affect the red blood cells production

What can you do, if you have any of the above symptoms:

  1. Conventional blood tests

eGFR – Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate shows the level of excretion of waste products from the kidneys. Optimal levels should be above 90.

Creatinine is a normal waste product, the level of which shows the function of the kidneys. Optimal levels 70-97ⴜmol/l (Standard International Units)

Urea is again a normal waste product, however, it’s more dependent on the food ingested so it’s more relevant where there is a degree of kidney damage already. Optimal levels 1.8 to 7.1 ⴜmol/l (Standard International Units)

  1. Functional tests

HTMA – Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis evaluates physiological levels of detoxification, toxic load from heavy metals, stress levels, blood sugar dysregulation, all of which can affect the kidney function

OAT – organic acids test includes 76 urinary metabolite markers that can be very useful for discovering underlying causes of chronic illness, including oxalate metabolism, which is very important for preventing the formation of kidney stones

  1. DNA tests

DNA Health – evaluates levels of predisposition to inflammation and oxidative stress, detoxication capabilities and other essential functions that might lead to kidney damage if compromised

DNA Risk – evaluates the HLA-Related Autoimmunity predisposition to autoimmune diseases like IgA Nephropathy

3rd of April – NUTRITION and KIDNEYS

Nutrition is the single most important factor in the health of your kidneys. Part of everything you put in your body will go out through your kidneys.

Is it NOURISHING your kidneys or is it DAMAGING them?!?

My TOP foods for kidney health:

Cucumbers – anti-inflammatory and highly hydrating food, contains most of vitamin Bs, as well as vitamin A, C, E, lots of potassium and magnesium – perfect for nourishing the kidneys

Oily fish – salmon, sardines, anchovies, krill – great protein with the added bonus of healthy fats

Berries – low on sugars but high on taste and nutrients value; abundance of antioxidants and phytonutrients

Lemons – my universal additive to food and drink; it’s acidic but alkaline; it’s sour but also sweet; it makes everything taste better and increases it’s nutritional value

My WORST foods for kidney health:

☠️ White Table salt – highly concentrated substance of Natrium and Chloride only!

☠️ Vegetable oils – highly inflammatory, chemically ridden, unnatural substances

☠️ Processed, packaged food or how I call it – dead food – no nutritional value, just calories!!!

4th of April – Vitamin C day and kidneys

Main functions for the kidneys:

👉 Improves Creatinine clearance

👉 Increases the bioavailability of Iron and Erythropoietin synthesis in the kidneys, which stimulates red blood cell production

👉 Improves endothelial function – the internal protective lining of your blood vessels

👉 Major antioxidant – reduces oxidative stress from all the toxins that need to be filtered through your kidneys

Best FOOD sources:

Citrus – lemon, oranges, kiwi, grapefruit


Red bell peppers

Chili Pepper




AVOID Ascorbic Acid – it’s synthetic and the body doesn’t absorb it well. If in large amounts, it gets bioUNavailable and it might get converted to Oxalic Acid which will increase the risk of kidney stones.

Look for FOOD-derived supplements made from rosehips, acerola cherry, bilberry.


5th of April – Hydration and kidneys

6th of April – Salt and kidneys

7th of April – World Health Day – Overall health and kidneys

8th of April – Protein and kidneys

9th of April – Weight management

10th of April – World Homeopathy Day – Homeopathy and kidneys

11th of April – National Alcohol Awareness Day – Effects on the kidneys

12th of April – Smoking and its effects on the kidneys

13th of April – Age and kidneys

14th of April – Get involved in your kidneys’ health

15th of April – Gut health and kidneys

16th of April – ACE score and effect on kidneys, HPA, and overall health

17th of April – Predisposition for kidney conditions

18th of April – Coffee – effect on adrenals and kidneys

19th of April – World Liver Day – Two amigos Liver & kidney/s

20th of April – Prescription drugs/ Opiates and effects on kidneys

21st of April – Oral hygiene and its effect on kidneys

22nd of April – World Earth Day – Nature and kidney health

23rd of April – My birthday and my kidney

24th of April – Mental health and kidneys

25th of April – Bacteria & Viruses

26th of April – Professional risk

27th of April – Kidney stones

28th of April – Supplements

29th of April – International Dance Day and the importance of physical activity

30th of April – Questions – I will answer any nutrition or homeopathy questions you have posted to me over the month.

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